I am Di Jones, maximising 23 years as an interior designer into the building world of Architecture, Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering by utilising my creative flair in producing stunning images for all your photography solutions, both on your interior and exterior projects!

Employing a client-focused approach, I have the skills and expertise, using only specialist lenses and software to bring all your projects to life.

I embrace your designs and flair for the services and products which you provide, reflecting your unique style which will evoke emotions with your clients by creating story brand connections, strengthening your online reputation and elevating you above your competitors with an outstanding representation of your work to impress your future clients.


Rockford Company


A complex granite project installation at a new Manchester skyscraper required us having professional photographs for our portfolio.

I accompanied Di on the photo shoot, and she was an absolute professional and lovely to work with.

Di’s attention to detail and enthusiasm for her work really blew me away.

She intuitively knew precisely what I wanted and how to capture it all perfectly.

The resulting photographs were beyond my expectations.


Joanna Davila - (Marketing Manager - Rockford Company)

Buxton Quarry for RGB Limited


The manufacturing of products for the Construction Industry and Building Trade has an excitement all of its own.

To capture machinery in motion, allows the viewer to appreciate the work which goes into the end product which will sit in their offices or homes!

I love to capture that moment in time, and it is with huge thanks to Rob Corr of RGB Ltd for giving me this opportunity.


(Di Jones)



RGB Limited


"Di has done several shoots for our company, and we are delighted with her work.

She provides top quality photography and uses a great thought processes to produce outstanding images.

RGB will continue to use Di for our high-end professional photography, and she comes highly recommended.

Di is excellent to work with and offers an exceptional service at a fair price".


Rob Corr - (Director/Owner - Roy Geddes Bricks Limited)

Marston & Langinger Paints (Hampshire)


I didn't have time to think about this photo shoot, as I was contacted just 48 hours before I was due on site.

The production line date was set which meant me arriving with an outlined brief of what was required.

Fortunately, I filled the brief and even managed to capture video footage of the creamy, rich paint filling the tins!

M&L is a new product, and I have already used it on an Interior Design Project... the finishes are outstanding, and I am proud to have been a part of the marketing photographs.

Steyport (specialist surface coatings) Manufacturers


Steyport specialise in offering bespoke products  for printing Inks for Wallcoverings, Paints and Wood Finishes.

Whilst on a shoot for Marston & Langinger, I had the pleasure of an opportunity to photograph the warehouse for use on a company presentation.


Making the most of a photographer on site... genius!






We asked Diane to photograph our new offices in Stockport. The amount of time taken and effort put into each shot was incredible, and a testament to Diane's commitment to her work. We would have no hesitation to recommend Diane and her services.


Philip Kehoe (Managing Director at DSG Auto Contracts Ltd)

Hewitt Interiors 


Having worked with Lee on Interior Design projects for many years, we have grown to trust each other's exacting standards,

and it is always a pleasure to take on a photography shoot, knowing that the creative design will be of extremely high quality.

Hive Architects


Hive Architects have commissioned Diane on several occasions for our architectural photography and find that she is always professional and efficient, doing what she says when she says. We have complete confidence in her working on our projects as she is thorough in assessing what is required and looks beyond what is requested, making intelligent suggestions if there are opportunities or issues that we non-photographers may not have appreciated. We feel more than happy to recommend her photography skills and services.


Rob McGinnes (Managing Director at Hive Architects)



With 23 years of experience as an Interior Designer, I am observant of the tiniest detail which is integrated into the overall design of the creative element of any room.

Having the innate ability to observe every object, and ensuring that every single piece is positioned perfectly for the camera is something with comes naturally, making sure that each room set is captured perfectly.

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