I have had the pleasure of visiting the Isle of Skye a few years ago with my daughter, and what a memorable experience it was too!!!!

We were located on the little  beach of Kylerhea with views across the Kylerhea Straits and over to the village of Glenelg on the mainland, with the nearest pub and amenities 10 miles away.

To say that the steep unclasified single track down to our cottage was treachearous is an understatement, being the highest road (279m high) on Skye, it was no fun having a car come the other way and I often would just sit there too scared to move (frightened of heights.. and driving),  waiting for the other driver to reverse instead!

Going out and returning home was an ordeal travelling this track every single day, yet I didn’t let it spoil the fun and we certainly made sure that we visited as many locations as we could during our time there.

A truly expcetional place to visit, and the next time I return, maybe I will check out the route to our cottage first!



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