Di Jones smiling with green eyes, shoulder length brown har and wearing a black top


‘I connect with my heart, I see with my eyes, and I capture with love’!

                                                                                                                                (Di Jones)

I have been in the Construction Industry since 1982, in various demanding roles.

Progressing to Interior Designer in 1994, where high design, quality and innovativeness have been key to the success of running my own businesses.

I now share all those qualities with my photography, and when I am not busy taking on commissions for Architects, Environmental, Infrastructure, or Manufacturing and Engineering businesses, you will find me out and about with my camera at every opportunity, in any type of weather!

My journey with photography over the past several years has been one of excitement, exhilaration and enthusiasm.

It is where I express and experience my emotions, articulating my creativity and honouring my life values which I embrace with every shot that I take.

The camera is but a tool that I use to capture the scene, it’s the very essence of me that articulates the detail in the photograph, for it is true that

"I connect with my heart, I see with my eyes, and I capture with love"  


Feel free to browse my portfolio and get lost in a world full of magical mystery... 



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