Using Filters!

IF you have ever tried to capture a sunset when you are out with your camera and struggle to get the balance of light right on the final pictures, it is because you will need to be doing one of two things…

1. Take two seperate shots.

Each shot is differently exposed by about two to three stops by using the exposure compensation dial.

You take one shot of the foreground and one for the sky and then blend them using layer masks in photoshop.

or my preference, as I much prefer to have control in getting the image right in camera is:

2. Using FILTERS, as I did when capturing the pink sky behind this copse of trees.

For this photograph I used a 0.6 Graduated neutral density which helped even out the exposure by reducing the amount of the light passing through the filtered part, thus keeping the scene very natural with little editing required in the post processing.

There are several filter systems out there on the market, and it really does come down to your preference, and budget!

I use the Lee Filter System as they really make a difference to producing better quality pictures when taking Landscape photographs, especially sunrise, sunset and cloudy days.



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